Join the Flight Club today and start flying first class with some seriously sweet savings and member-exclusive perks.

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Fly more. For way less.

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A similar price with more perks!

Got a frequent flyer in the family? Joining the DEFY Flight Club can help you max out your savings while they max out their air time. Plus, our memberships come with way more value than a single flight ticket.

Get exclusive savings all over the park.

Flight time every day, exclusive discounts on merch, birthday party savings and more! All our Flight Club membership packages come with epic value that makes it more than worth it.

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Jump over the red velvet ropes

Because you’re on our VIP list. Flight Club members get access to exclusive events like  KidJump, Members Nights and more.

Membership Options

Best Value Elite
Weekday Jump Time 2 Hours Unlimited
Weekend Jump Time 2 Hours (before 1pm) 2 Hours
Cafe Discount 20% Off 20% Off
Member-Only Events
Party Discount - 20% Off
DEFY Nights -
Kid Jump -
Parent Jumper - $9.99 Parent Add-On
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Hear from other Flight Club Members

I definitely recommend getting a membership. The perks and extra discounts more than pays for itself.

It’s fun to see my kids participate as members. They are proud to be in the Flight Club and the staff make it special for them.

The Flight Club is the way to go. We book a birthday party with the membership discount and it paid for the membership.

We try to be an active family. The membership is great for our needs. It gets us off the couch and jumping together multiple times every month.


The last thing we want to do is leave you hanging. So we’re here to answer all your questions. And if you’re not finding what you need here, feel free to call your local park for extra support.

Is There A Minimum Commitment For Memberships?

No. The membership is month-to-month. Just give us 3 business days head up and we’ll process the cancellation. You’ll still have access to all the awesome membership benefits and perks until your cancellation date.

How Long Will My Monthly Membership Price Last?

Per our terms and conditions, your monthly membership price will be locked for the duration of your membership.

How Do I Cancel My Membership?

All cancellations must be submitted through the cancellation form at