Ready to take flight? The kind where you don’t have to buckle up or keep your hands and feet inside the ride at all times? Then go ahead, get your flight tickets and we’ll catch you at the park.

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Jump Time and Ticket Options

Choices, choices, choices. But lucky for you, they’re all good ones — ranging from epic to incredible to unbelievable. So what are you looking for?

*Tickets for jumpers age 2 & under are free with parent ticket purchase.

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90 Minute Jump Standard Pass
All Day Pass
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Want to go bigger? Make flight time any time with a Flight Club membership — and save big while you’re at it, too.

“I definitely recommend getting a membership. The perks and extra discounts more than pays for itself.”

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Season Passes

Jump any day, every day, for a full month. Our 30-Day Pass is a great way to turn things up a notch and make flight time your new routine.

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Frequently Asked Questions?

The last thing we want to do is leave you hanging. So we’re here to answer all your questions. And if you’re not finding what you need here, feel free to call your local park for extra support.

Are Socks Required To Jump?

Yes. We sell special grip socks in the park as both a safety and cleanliness measure. And you get to keep them after! Because who wants to put on used socks, anyways?

Can I Reuse My Grip Socks?

Yes! Bring back your grip socks to reuse on your next visit as long as they are in good condition. It’s probably a good idea to wash them first, though.

Do I Need To Sign A Waiver?

Every guest, whether jumping or observing, must sign a waiver before entering our parks. Waivers can be completed online to expedite your front desk check-in time!

What Are Your Hours?

Operating hours will vary by location and by day of week. Weekends (including Friday) are generally open for longer hours.

Is There An Age Limit For Admittance?

All ages (young and old) are welcome at DEFY. Because limits aren’t really our thing.

Can I Leave A Child Unattended At A Defy Park?

Children under the age of 13 cannot be left alone at the park and must attend with parent or guardian supervision.

Do You Sell Food And Drinks?

Yes, at select parks! We have a variety of food, snacks and drinks available for purchase in case you need to refuel in between backflips or dives into the foam pit. DEFY parks with food and beverage options include:

DEFY Augusta
DEFY Birmingham
DEFY Boise
DEFY Bradenton
DEFY Chattanooga
DEFY Charlotte
DEFY Chesapeake
DEFY Clovis
DEFY Denver
DEFY Detroit
DEFY Florence (KY)
DEFY Fort Myers
DEFY Hickory
DEFY Indianapolis
DEFY Knoxville
DEFY Lakeland
DEFY Las Vegas
DEFY Louisville
DEFY Nashville
DEFY New Orleans
DEFY Olympia
DEFY Palm Bay
DEFY Palm Springs
DEFY Port Saint Lucie
DEFY Seattle
DEFY St. Louis
DEFY Thornton
DEFY Tucker
DEFY Woodbridge
DEFY Visalia