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Park Safety Rules

Health & Sanitation



March 2020

As a community of parks, the well-being and safety of our guests and team members is our first priority. The following are actions we are taking companywide in light of the coronavirus (COVID-19) news.

CircusTrix, LLC Department of Risk Management and Safety have been working closely with local health organizations to plan for and monitor the situation. We are also closely monitoring CDC guidance and will provide prompt updates should the situation change.

In line with guidance provided by the health authorities, we have further reinforced our cleanliness measures, including but not limited to:

      • Increased daytime cleaning to sanitize all high-frequency touchpoints more often in addition to regular cleaning procedures.
      • Nightly cleaning that sanitizes trampolines, foam, and all attractions.
      • Ensuring hand sanitizing stations are filled and available to guests.

For more information on preventative measures, health updates and additional information about COVID-19, please visit the CDC (Center of Disease Control) website, here:





  • Always participate at your own risk. Flips and other tricks can be dangerous
  • Always remove street shoes and wear park approved grip socks
  • Always empty your pockets entirely before jumping. Remove all jewelry including earrings, necklaces, and rings. No belt buckles, keys, or key chains
  • Always walk on and off the courts.
  • Always be in control of your body at all times. No aggressive behavior
  • Always master the fundamentals of single trampoline jumping before moving onto more advanced skills, such as aerial or flipping type skills
  • Always land on two feet. Bend your knees to stop your bounce
  • Always bounce on the center of the trampoline
  • Always land on the closest trampoline when bouncing and flipping off of trampoline side walls
  • Always be aware of those around you and jump with people that are of similar age/size
  • Always prevent collisions
  • Always follow all park rules and Team Member instructions



  • Do not sit or lie down
  • Do not land on safety pads
  • Do not land on your head or neck
  • Do not try dangerous tricks
  • Do not double bounce or affect another jumper’s bounce in anyway
  • Do not double flip
  • Do not do more than two single flips in a row
  • Do not have anything in your mouth while jumping (gum, candy, food, drink, etc.)
  • Do not run or race across the trampoline courts
  • Do not push or tackle
  • Do not touch any perimeter netting or top pads
  • Do not throw balls at another jumper’s head or neck area
  • Do not wear wet clothes or unapproved body paint
  • Do not jump if a Team Member is not present
  • Do not take unnecessary risks
  • Do not jump from trampolines to decking
  • Do not dive headfirst into foam pits
  • Do not attempt gainers


Only 1 person at a time on the slackline.

Make sure that the last person has exited the foam pit before starting.

Use the support rope to cross slackline (unless you are an expert).

Cross slowly and deliberately. No running or hustling across the slackline.

When falling or losing balance, always jump away from the slackline.

Never fall directly onto the slackline.

Do not linger in the foam pit.

No digging, throwing, or playing with the foam cubes

Only 1 person at a time may use the trapeze.

Make sure that the last person has left the foam pit before using trapeze.

You must let go of the trapeze on the first swing. Do not swing backwards toward the platform.

No sitting, standing, or hanging by knees on the trapeze. Grasp only with hands.

Do not linger in the foam pit.

No digging, throwing, or playing with the foam cubes.

Euro Trampoline:
You must be a minimum of 7 years old to use the euro trampoline.

Only 1 person at a time on the euro trampoline.

No flips off the wall.

Aerial Silks:
Only 1 person at a time is allowed on each hanging aerial silk.

Do not tie knots in the silks.

No swinging into others.

Do not linger in the foam pit.

No digging, throwing, or playing with the foam cubes.

Foam Pit:
Only 1 person at a time per lane.

Wait until the previous jumper exits the foam pit before jumping.

Do not dive, land on your stomach, or enter headfirst into the foam pit.

No back flips moving forward (“gainers”).

No double-flips.

Do not linger in the foam pit.

No digging, throwing, or playing with the foam cubes.

No rough play, bullying, or overly aggressive behavior.

Be aware that the age of others may vary; be age appropriate as you compete.

Absolutely no throwing at other players’ heads; you will be called out.

When called out, a player must exit the dodgeball cage.

Only throw dodgeballs at others as part of an organized game.

Ninja Obstacle Course:
Only 1 person per lane at a time.

Wait until the previous ninja exits the foam pit or lane before starting.

Do not climb on the metal support columns.

Do not linger in the foam pit.

No digging, throwing, or playing with the foam cubes.




Everyone that enters a court or activity must have completed and signed a valid waiver

Guests/Participants that are under 18 must have it completed and signed by their parent, legal guardian, or someone with power of attorney

Prior to participating, all guests and accompanying adults assume full responsibility to ensure the following:

  • Everyone’s waivers are properly executed
  • Everyone has viewed the rules
  • Everyone has read the rules signs posted
  • Everyone must have valid jump or activity time before entering any trampoline court or activity
  • Everyone completely understands and agrees to follow all rules and Team Member instructions
  • Everyone is in good health without restrictions
  • Everyone’s personal items such as eye wear, hearing aids, braces, prosthetic devices, watches, phones, cameras, are secure, impact resistant and suitable for use in a demanding sports environment
  • Everyone is aware of those around you. It is your responsibility to avoid others
  • No guns, knives, sharp objects, or weapons of any kind are allowed on premises
  • Remember your physical limitations
  • Follow all posted rules and directions given by staff members
  • No one under the influence of drugs or alcohol is allowed


  • Serious injury, paralysis or death can occur even if all rules are followed
  • Activities and dodgeball games may involve individuals of different sizes, ages, and abilities. Participate at your own risk
  • Guests and accompanying adults assume full responsibility for their actions and conduct
  • Guests and accompanying adults must follow all park rules and Team Member instructions at all times
  • Guests and accompanying adults assume full responsibility to ensure that personal property including cameras and cell phones are not lost, stolen or damaged
  • Team Members reserve the right to relocate guests and accompanying adults to a different court, activity or area at any time
  • Non compliance to rules or Team Member instructions may result in the loss of access privileges
  • Wear park approved grip socks
  • Follow all weight, height and/or age restrictions posted


Safety signs are posted throughout the park. Our staff will gladly remind you of these rules should you happen to “forget” while flying.

Flight Crew members are stationed throughout the arena to enforce safety rules. They also assist in the event of injury.

Routine safety inspections are conducted to ensure that all equipment is in proper condition.

We aim to cover all springs between trampoline mats to help prevent accidents.

All posts in the arena have padded coverings to protect participants from injury.

Arena netting is strategically placed to separate attractions and safeguard steel framework.

Our foam pits are engineered to ensure that jumpers enjoy a clear pathway to the foam. All foam is regularly cleaned and circulated.

Our trampoline mats, pads, and decking surfaces are cleaned and disinfected daily.

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