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Health & Cleanliness Measures


As a community of parks, the well-being and safety of our Guests and Team Members is our first priority. The following are actions we are taking company-wide in light of the coronavirus (COVID-19) news.

We are following relevant health department guidelines. We are also closely monitoring CDC guidance and will provide prompt updates should the situation change.

In line with guidance provided by the health authorities, we have further reinforced our cleanliness measures.

For more information on preventative measures, health updates and additional information about COVID-19, please visit the CDC (Center of Disease Control) website, here: or the PHAC (Public Health Agency of Canada) website here:




How are you making sure Guests who are infected don’t come to the park and infect others?

Health and safety guidelines are posted at the entrance of all parks reminding Guests about the importance of staying healthy, following guidance from the CDC and the recommended prevention measures. In addition, park sanitation procedures have been increased to maintain a safe and hygienic park environment.

Is it safe for me and my family to jump at DEFY?

The health and safety of our Guests and Team Members remains our top priority. In line with guidance provided by the CDC and other governmental health authorities, we have reinforced and extended our cleanliness measures to maintain a safe and hygienic park environment including, but not limited to:

  • Increased daytime cleaning of all high-frequency touchpoints on an hourly basis in addition to regular cleaning procedures.
  • Increased the number of regularly filled hand sanitizer stations at park entrance and select attractions, party rooms and bathrooms, as well as added sanitation wipes at waiver stations.
  • Daily park sanitization with ionized sprayer/fogger system that sanitizes trampolines, foam and all attractions.
  • All Team Members required to wear a face covering/mask and gloves (gloves are changed regularly in accordance with recommended guidance from governmental health authorities).
  • Newly installed Plexiglass partitions for employees assisting customers at all cashier stations, front desk and party check-in area.
  • New sanitation and safety training module completed by all Team Members, along with new safety and sanitation videos posted throughout park.

Reduced capacity and social distancing floor markers for queuing at lobby and all attractions.

Has there been a confirmed case of Coronavirus at DEFY?

Some DEFY parks have had confirmed COVID cases. Upon receiving the notice of positive tests, the locations were closed, all employees were tested, park visitors were notified, and the parks were thoroughly sanitized for one week. Employees were notified that they would be prohibited from returning to the park until a negative COVID test was presented. In addition, daily temperature checks are conducted upon arrival for both guests and team members at all DEFY parks.

Is social distancing enforced at DEFY?

Floor markers showing recommended social distancing are located throughout the park for queuing in the lobby, at the cafe and some attractions. Park capacity is also reduced and we are asking all Guests to adhere to the social distance standard of 6ft apart (minimum) at cafe tables, platform benches, mezzanine seating and throughout the park. We have and will continue to reinforce our park rules as well, including one person per trampoline.

Will your park(s) be reducing capacity in response to the spread of Coronavirus?

The safety of our Guests and Team Members is our top priority. We are currently working closely with the relevant health departments in compliance with their required protocol to determine suitable capacity reductions.

How are the foam blocks being cleaned/sanitized?

It’s easier than you’d think. We put an approved anti-viral solution into special fog machines that spray mist over the foam blocks. We do nightly cleanings at all parks, and fog during the day as well when we can.

How do people with 1-hour passes purchased last year get a spot to jump?

Send us a private message or come into your local DEFY and ask for a manager. We will make sure to take care of you.

How long do you keep charging customers with memberships after you close a park?

Whenever a DEFY is temporarily closed, we immediately stop charging members. If you have a specific question or concern, send us a DM and we’ll get things figured out.

Are you still holding the special needs night on the last Tuesday of each month?

We want everyone who wants to jump to be able to. That said, every DEFY park is in a different situation right now, so send us a private message and we can let you know the latest.

Do jumpers have to wear masks in the whole park? Do observers?

Typically, we’re all about breaking the rules. But when it comes to the health and safety of our jumpers and observers, we listen to the CDC and local government guidelines. No worries, though—we’ll be sure to tell you whenever you’re here.

Do jumpers under 5-years-old have to wear masks?

If there’s anyone who’s good at breaking the rules, it’s kids under five. That’s especially true when they have to wear a mask, so we don’t require children under 5-years-old to wear one. If you can convince them to, more power to you. *Rules may vary based on local mandates.

I had a 30-day pass when the park closed. What will happen to the extra days that I paid for?

Don’t worry—we’ve got you covered. We’ll extend all 30-day passes by an additional 30 days when we reopen, no matter how far along they were when we closed.

My child’s birthday is in November. What if things with COVID force you to close after we’ve put down our deposit or paid in full? Do you give refunds? Or would we be out of luck?

We have you covered. Should something happen between now and your reservation, we do provide refunds. Feel free to call your local DEFY’s event coordinator to get the latest info. They’re seriously amazing and ready to take care of you.

My location was open for a while and now it’s closed. What happened?

The one thing we refuse to mess around with is the health and safety of your family and our employees. For that reason, we follow the most current recommendations from both the CDC and the local governments. Sometimes that means temporarily closing a park.

What happens if I had a membership before my park closed?

Don’t worry—we’re not jerks. If you have a recurring payment, you won’t be charged while your local DEFY is closed. Once reopened, your membership will be reactivated.

What happens to private parties that have already been booked when a park closes?

With COVID-19 still doing its thing, some DEFY parks have closed and reopened. If you had a private party booked but your park has closed, call your local park’s event coordinator. Our event coordinators are ready to take care of you.

Is the snack bar open?

Things change every day, but many of our parks’ snack bars are open and operating. If you need to know about your local DEFY specifically, give us a call.