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About DEFY

Our Story

DEFY is an attitude and a rallying cry promoting individualism and freedom from the norm. It’s a collection of extreme air sport parks across America that are rewriting the rules of sport — giving our communities a place where they’re free to express and push themselves.

Society has tons of expectations and rules, but DEFY gives everyone a safe place to defy those constraints. We’re for fiercely independent, fearless individuals who pass on organized sports in favor of nonconforming ones that challenge them in non-traditional ways.

DEFY Parks

  • DEFY Apex
  • DEFY Augusta
  • DEFY Baton Rouge
  • DEFY Birmingham
  • DEFY Boise
  • DEFY Bradenton
  • DEFY Charlotte
  • DEFY Chattanooga
  • DEFY Chesapeake
  • DEFY Clarksville
  • DEFY Clovis
  • DEFY Denver
  • DEFY Detroit
  • DEFY Duluth
  • DEFY Eugene
  • DEFY Fayetteville
  • DEFY Flint
  • DEFY Florence KY
  • DEFY Florence SC
  • DEFY Fort Myers
  • DEFY Gainesville
  • DEFY Greenville
  • DEFY Hickory
  • DEFY Indianapolis
  • Defy Iowa City
  • DEFY Jackson
  • DEFY Kentucky
  • DEFY Knoxville
  • DEFY Lakeland
  • DEFY Lansing
  • DEFY Las Vegas
  • DEFY Little Rock
  • Defy Moscow
  • Defy Muskegon
  • DEFY New Nashville
  • DEFY New Orleans
  • DEFY Olympia
  • DEFY Orange County
  • DEFY Orlando
  • DEFY Palm Bay
  • DEFY Palm Springs
  • DEFY Port St. Lucie
  • DEFY Raleigh
  • DEFY Richmond
  • DEFY Rogers
  • DEFY Sacramento
  • DEFY Savannah
  • DEFY Scranton
  • DEFY Seattle
  • DEFY St. Louis
  • DEFY Thornton
  • DEFY Thousand Oaks
  • Defy Vestal
  • DEFY Visalia
  • DEFY Wilmington
  • DEFY Woodbridge


We've Got Answers

Do you sell food and drinks?

Yes! We have a variety of snacks and drinks available for purchase.

How much do tickets cost?

Ticket prices are determined by the amount of time you decide to spend at DEFY. Please check your local DEFY Extreme Air Sports Park for details on pricing.

Can I reuse grip socks?

Yes! Bring back your grip socks to reuse on your next visit as long as they are in good condition.

Are socks required to jump?

Yes, we sell our grip socks in the park. DEFY grip socks are required while jumping and you can bring them back on your next visit to reuse as long as they are in good condition.

Is there an age limit for admittance?

All ages are welcome at DEFY.

What are your hours?

Operating hours will vary by location and by day of week. Weekends (including Friday) are generally open for longer hours.