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Epic for them. Insanely easy for you. Make your kid’s next birthday party the kind everyone will enjoy.

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Get your very own private party room to keep the celebration going after your flight time with optional pizza, drinks, presents and cake.


Your party host will help you out — so you can focus on celebrating with your kid.

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Celebrate their birthday right — by jumping, flipping and spinning all across our world-class arena.

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Jump Time Private Party Room Party Host Setup & Cleanup Grip Socks Paper Goods Printable Invitations Standard Pizza & Soda Premium Pizza & Soda T-shirt for Guest of Honor B-Day Child Jumps Free Two VIP Passes Additional Jumpers
Prices start for 10 jumpers minimum
1.5 Hours - $25 each
Prices start for 10 jumpers minimum
1 Hour - - $20 each
Prices start for 10 jumpers minimum
1 Hour - - - - - $15 each
Prices start for 10 jumpers minimum
Prices start for 10 jumpers minimum
2 Hours - - - - $20 each


The last thing we want to do is leave you hanging. So we’re here to answer all your questions. And if you’re not finding what you need here, feel free to call our party and events coordinator at 541-357-6604 for extra support. (Oh, and our coordinator is absolutely amazing and she has a cool Australian accent, mate) .

Who Should I Include As A Birthday Jumper?

Anyone who will be jumping and enjoying our park attractions is considered a birthday jumper. If someone wants to observe the fun or join you in the party room, they don’t need to be a paid jumper. We only provide table place settings for paid jumpers, however,  so observers will have to look on with envy. (The minimum number of jumpers for a party is 10.)

Can I Add Jumpers Later?

Yes. Contact your Event Coordinator at 541-357-6604 at least 24 hours prior to the party to add jumpers.

Is The Birthday Child Included In The Count?

Yep! The birthday child is part of the jumper count. However, with our Extreme and Legendary party packages, we offer an additional jumper as part of the base party package so they are actually jumping for free.

How Old Do I Have To Be To Have My Birthday At Defy?

All ages are welcome to celebrate their birthday at DEFY!

Do You Have Printable Invitations?

Yeah, we got you covered! Click here to download a printable pdf file.

What Time Is Check-in For Birthday Parties?

All your guests should arrive at least 15-20 minutes prior to your party start time (make sure to include this on your invites!). This allows time for the entire group to get through check-in, verify waivers, store any personal items, and be jumping on time!

What Happens During Check-in?

First you will check in at our party check-in station where waivers will be verified and you will receive wrist bands and grip socks. Items that will go to the party room will be placed on a cart specifically for your group and taken to your room as soon as it is ready. Your group will jump for the first hour of your event and you will then have access to your exclusive party room for 45 minutes to celebrate. Depending on your party package, pizza and drinks may be provided, along with an amazing DEFY party host.  Anything added during the party and tips can be paid at the completion of the party while checking out.

When Do I Have Access To The Party Room?

While we usually provide access to the party room shortly after your group has checked in, we do not guarantee access to the party room except for the final 45 minutes of your reservation following your one hour of jump time. This allows us to ensure a clean and sanitary party room for every group.

What Does The Party Host Do?

Your party host will ensure your room is set up with plates, cups, napkins and utensils. When requested, they will also assist with decoration set-up and serving food and beverages. They will also handle all room cleanup so you can be on your way without a worry.

If The Party Room Is Only Guaranteed For The Final 45 Minutes, What Do I Do With My Items During The Jump And When Can I Decorate?

When you check-in, we will store your items, so you don’t have to worry about them! Around 30 minutes before the jump time ends, we will transfer your belongings to your party room and help you set up any additional decorations. Please no pinatas, confetti, silly string, noise makers, or glitter!

Do You Provide Paper Goods?

Yes. We provide plates, cups, napkins and utensils for all paid jumpers! We offer black, blue, green, pink, and purple paper goods. Just let our Event Coordinator know which colors you want for your party.

What If I Want Themed Plates, Cups, Napkins, Etc?

You may bring themed items. Let your Event Coordinator know what items you will be bringing and what items you would like us to provide.

Where Is Your Pizza From And Can I Remove It From My Package And Bring My Own?

We are happy to provide delicious Papa Johns pizza at DEFY Eugene. If you book a package that includes pizza and you want to bring your own, you can coordinate with our Events Coordinator at least 48-hours before your scheduled event to have it removed and get a related discount.

How Many Pizzas And Sodas Are Included In The Price?

With the Extreme and Legendary party packages,  one large pizza and one  2L bottle of soda is provided for every 5 jumpers. The BASIC party package does not include pizza or drinks.

How Many Slices Are In The Pizzas?

10 Slices

Can I Purchase Additional Pizza And Drinks?

Yes. Contact your Event Coordinator at least 48 hours prior to your party to purchase additional pizza and drinks.

Can I Bring My Own Snacks Or Food?

We allow parties to bring outside food and drinks, but items are limited to pizza, sandwiches, veggie trays, cake, and donuts. With the Legendary party package, you can bring other foods at no extra charge. If you bring food items other than listed above for an Extreme or Basic party package, you will be charged an additional $50 cleaning fee. Adult beverages are prohibited for all party packages.

Who Needs Waivers And How Do We Sign?

YES! Every guest, whether jumping or observing, must sign a waiver before entering our parks. Waivers can be completed at the park or online by clicking the waiver link in the main menu to expedite your front desk check-in time! Waivers completed digitally are typically valid for one year from date of submission. Do you need a printable waiver (paper waiver is only valid for a single visit)? Click for English or Spanish

Can I Sign A Waiver At The Park?

Yes. It is ideal to do it online ahead of time but it can be done at the park. If under age 18, the waiver must be signed by a parent or legal guardian.

Do You Offer Customizations, Add-ons Or Upgrades To Parties?

Yes. You can select a pre-set party package, add-on additional items, or fully customize your party package with our Event Coordinator to accommodate your needs.

Can I Get Extra Jump Time?

Yes. you can add 30 minutes of jump time for $7 per jumper or 60 minutes of jump time for $11 per jumper to any of our party packages. For extra time to be guaranteed, you must purchase through our Event Coordinator prior to your party. If space and time is available, you can add extra jump time during your event.

What If There Is More Than One Birthday Guest?

We always want to acknowledge guests celebrating their birthday, so please tell your Event Coordinator the names and ages of all those celebrating a birthday at DEFY, however our Extreme and Legendary packages only include one free gift for one guest of honor. Additional gifts can be purchased for a discounted price. Basic party packages do not include a free gift for the guest of honor.

What Is Your Cancellation Policy?

All cancellations must be made at least one week in advance for a full refund. Cancellations made within 7 days of reservation will be charged a $50 cancellation fee. Cancellations made within 24 hours of reservation will be charged a $249 cancellation fee. Reservations may be rescheduled without penalty if done at least 48 hours prior to event start date.

Is A Deposit Required To Make A Birthday Reservation?

A $100 deposit is required at the time of booking over the phone with our Event Coordinator. The deposit is applied to the total price of your birthday party package Parties booked online require payment in full at time of booking.

When Do I Pay The Rest Of My Balance?

All reservations must be paid in-full at least 24 hours prior to the event start time, or face possible cancellation and loss of deposit.

I Saw An Offer On The Main Website. Do You Honor Those Discounts And Offers?

As a franchise location, we do not honor promotions, discounts, or offers from the main website, unless otherwise specifically noted. We do, however, offer many  of our products at an every-day lower cost than many of the corporate-owned parks.




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